It’s time to utilize the power of our soul

2015 was a difficult year. But it ended with two hopeful events: the climate agreement and the UN resolution about Syria. Both events are really only very small first steps toward real solutions, but these are steps anyway. The results of the climate conference are meagre, but the fact that almost all world leaders came together and agreed about the problem is unique and forms a fundament upon which can be built further.

Maybe this could even the path for a similar conference about violence and peace. It would be good if all the world leaders could come together to discuss two questions: 1. What is causing this rage, that results in massive violence, and 2. Could it be that we misinterpret our holy texts? This idea of a peace conference  is not mine, but Neale Walsh’s, who promised to take the initiative for such a conference if no one else will do so. A little bit far out perhaps, but if we all support him, you never can tell what the outcome will be. I wish him (us) good luck!

In the mean time it would be good if we for ourselves would take a pledge, that we will never, directly or indirectly, use or support violence in the name of God, the Divine, the Source, or however you want to name it. It would also be good if our leaders would do so in public. This could even become a world wide movement. This also is not my idea, but is coming from

One of the things that happened the last few years is that many of us traded our internal identity for a more superficial connection with the outside world. This is because we are spending so much time at the computer on internet. This results in a superficial communication with the outside world. To act and respond responsible in the world it is necessary to stay away from the computer and internet at least a few hours a day, and maybe a day a week. Thus we can let the information sink in.

And thus I come to the conclusion of this blog, that I already stated in the title. In 2016 let us use the power of our soul. Let’s talk about about our pledge, our insights, hopes and faith. Let’s stand up against the narrow-mindedness and pettiness of (most of) our leaders. Let’s support ideas as the above. In short let’s speak up. This is my intention for 2016. They say the way to hell is paved with good intentions. Let’s hope not so.


I add a piece of Carolyn Myss to this blog. It’s is inspired by the American situation, but much of what is happening there is happening in a slightly less extreme form here as well, or may happen in the near future. She too pleads for speaking up. If not us, then who? Reading it is strongly recommended. Download:


I wish you Love and Light in the new year.


(I apologize for mistakes in my English. Blogs are cursory – not stuff for correction by a native speaker).

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