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Nature loves to hide – how to become a mystic.

The statement above seems to be made by Heraclitus. What it implies is that the truth, the essence of the universe, cannot be known by just perceiving the world as it shows itself. One has to look with eyes closed. You have to be a mystic to really see. Mystic comes from the Greek μυστικοζ, secret. According to Jim Garrison this word is related with the verb μυω, to close your eyes.

Why is it important to see with our eyes closed? Because by doing so we can experience unity, oneness, the connection of everything with everything and everyone. And collectively we shall find the wisdom and strength that we shall need when we shall be confronted with the geological changes caused by global warming, that will happen to us within a few decades.

So this is the time when we need mystics. Mysticism needs to  come out the the hidden mystery schools, and nowadays shouldn’t be confined to a few lone wolves. So you have to become a mystic too. How can you do that?

First you have to long for the experience of the mystery. Not so difficult. Then start to contemplate about something that is really amazing, for instance the big bang, the vastness of the universe, or the birth of a child. Or look at the blue sky on a clear summer day, or at the stars at a clear summer night, far from the lights of civilization.  Or let yourself be involved in a beautiful piece of art, craftsmanship or music. Start to realize that behind the material world there is both chaos and order, and an inscrutable depth. You then cannot avoid experiencing awe. Now you are a mystic. It is that easy.

The holiday season is a period when maybe you have some extra time. Cherish it. After the summer you (and we) will need the energy and the wisdom that you will have accumulated. I wish you a joyful summer full of wonder, miracles and mystery.


(I apologize for mistakes in my English. Blogs are cursory – not stuff for correction by a native speaker)