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Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.

Every New Years Eve I choose an angel card from the angels deck as a guideline for the new year. This year I got the angel of Acceptance. This for me has several levels. On the first level  I have to learn to accept that,  when I am leaving home, I almost always forget something to take with me, such as my keys, my cell phone, my gloves, my tickets – you name it. Most of the time I remember this as I am in the garage to get my bicycle or car, and then I have to go up the stairs again to get it. Sometimes I only realize it when I am on my place of destination. Anyway, this is happening daily and is very annoying. I have to learn to accept this, because any mindfulness training did not help. It is that my head is firmly connected to my body, otherwise I certainly would leave it behind.

I have to learn to accept much more. Dangerous and unfriendly behavior of people in in traffic ( I never do that myself of course. . . ). Traffic lights that are getting red, just as I arrive. Busses that leave to early, so that  I just miss them. Waste in the beautiful bays of Bali (see my daughters blog: annavanpraag.nl).

Generally I have to learn to accept reality as it is. An important message came to me through Marieke de Vrij, a Dutch psychic, in her magazine ‘De Vrije Mare’ (‘The Free Tiding’). As a theme for the new year she gave the concept of Purity. Our being is as it were colored by our experience in our life so far, and also by our cultural and genetic inheritance. This means that it is very difficult to clearly see  the world around us and within. As a consequence we always react to it, with grief, anger, joy or whatever. This in turn colors our perception still further and may lead to action without wisdom. Purity is the antidote that can stop this process. Only in purity we can accept reality as it is and be of significance for the world. It is interesting to note that purity, more than compassion, is our first prerequisite for a meaningful life.

But how to become pure? In the mentioned magazine issue we find three ways: becoming silent (we can practice this in meditation), taking time to rest in a peaceful environment, and experiencing nature. A fast cure every now and then can support it. And from experience I can say that this leads not just to purity but also  to a certain meekness, a knowing that we are only a tiny element in Creation.

In a time when it is not certain that we shall inherit the Earth, it is good to practice acceptance, purity and meekness. This is not a plea for non-action, but is is a plea for spirit-in-action: first taking the time to become pure and wise. Because from action without wisdom no one ever has become any better. I wish you all a pure and blessed 2015.


(I apologize for mistakes in my English. Blogs are cursory – not stuff for correction by a native speaker).