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Do we have to stay in the shade, hidden and secure?

In the Findhorn Community the New Story Summit just happened. It  tried to find answers to the chaotic and almost hopeless situation in which humankind is involved. I wasn’t there but followed it more or less through the New Story Community. The story that for me stood out most was the I Ching interpretation  by Charles Taylor. Here it is:

Here is the I Ching reading for the Summit. As I understand it, this reading operates at three levels: individual, the Summit itself and this phase in the life of the world and the cosmos (The Great Turning):

54: Converting the Maiden
You must go through a transformation that is beyond your control. In the end it will reveal your hidden potential and open a whole new field of activity. 
This is now under way, but you can do nothing about it.Trying to impose order, or to leave the situation, would close the way. This transformation reflects a deep, perhaps unacknowledged need. Be receptive and adaptable. Act through the woman and the yin. This process is both an end and a new beginning. If Heaven and Earth did not mingle like this, the myriad beings would never emerge.
Converting the Maiden means a woman’s completion.
Look at things from an independent perspective. If you stay in the shade, hidden and secure, this will bring profit and insight.
The accepted date has gone by. Let it go. Draw things out. This procrastination will lead to the right time to act. A significant connection is approaching.

Now turning to the future (how things will resolve):
24. Returning
This is a time of rebirth and returning energy after a difficult time. Go back to meet this new energy in order to begin anew. This will bring success. Return to the Source.
Let things emerge without pressure. Heaven is moving here. In returning, you see the heart of Heaven and Earth.

Now this seems to be a plea for no action. This is completely the opposite of what Naomi Klein  is advocating in her new book: ‘This changes everything’ (a must read). In  my next blog I’ll come back to that and share my own choice.