The day after the night before.

On November 9 we stayed with friends is France. In the house there were no internet, tv or telephone connections, In the morning our friend went to the nearby village to buy bread, and also to find out who won the presidential elections in the US. Needless to say that he came back dismayed.

After that we meditated. The meditation text was from the Essene Book of Days (Danaan Parry, and so to the point, that I let it follow here.

seasonal focus: Outer darkness calls for nourishment within.

morning focus: The angel of the Suntg_angel

meditation: You run from me. You who have showered me with light and warmth. In summer’s fullness I was nourished by your glow, but now I must provide this warmth myself. The glow must be found within my heart, the light within my spirit. When next we meet in summer’s glory, I will wiser be. Till then I take you light inwardly with me.

Yes, I think it is good to go within and develop there our own strength. But I don’t think it is enough. We also have to do something. But before  that, we have to think thoroughly. What is it we really want? I think one of the reasons the Democrats lost (it was really the Democrats, not just Clinton), is because they didn’t have a real alternative for the neo liberal policy that they advocated under Bill Clinton and Obama, that caused, at least partially, the rage, fear and discontent that gave Trump his victory. They had no inspiring perspective. I realize that it is not easy to find and communicate that. Therefore we all have to work very hard, so that it can emerge and result in a movement and a leadership that can turn the tide.

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