How do I want to express myself in eternity?

Happy New Year!

These days my wife and I are re-reading Conversations with God, un uncommon dialogue, book I, by Neale Donald Walsch. An interesting experience. God (through his spokesman Walsh of course), poses that the world as we know it (life, matter) is our own creation. That is, even seemingly natural disasters as tornados, earthquakes, hurricanes, volcano eruptions, floods, droughts are our own creation. Not of course someone’s personal creation, but the manifestation of the collective consciousness. Quote: “You create collectively, and individually, the life and the times you are experiencing for the soul purpose of evolving.” By experiencing pain and sorrow, we can experience gratitude and happiness. By experiencing ugliness, we can experience beauty. By experience evil we van experience love. By experiencing ourselves we can experience who we are and by creating we can express who we want to be.

As far as planet earth and its immediate surroundings is concerned I agree with this assumption (the universe may be another matter). Because, if you get to think about it, there is only one logical alternative: that everything we perceive. including life, is mechanically  generated by a random process of cause and effect. For me this is at least as unlikely as God’s position.

Our creation is our statement to eternity of who we are. And so, if we don’t like what we (collectively) are creating, the only thing we can do is “work to change anything in our lives which does not fit into the picture of us that we wish to project into eternity.”  This implies taking 100 % responsibility.

This may sound abstract, but immediately after reading this I was put to a very practical test. We were planning to go to Poland for a holiday. We had never been there, and it seems to be a beautiful country, both in nature and landscape as culturally. But in Poland at least 50 % of the population is deliberately anti-semitic. This of course is denied or trivialized by government, politicians and opinion leaders – then they don’t have to do something about it – , but research and several incidents prove that this is true (NRC-Handelsbald, O&0D, 4 january 2014). This percentage by far exceeds percentages in countries like Germany (20%) Norway and the Netherlands (10%). This blog it not suited to go deep into the details, but there are several sources that show that antisemitism In Poland is not a vague undercurrent, but shows itself everywhere in daily behavior and on the internet, and is socially acceptable.

As a tourist this shouldn’t bother me. I probably wouldn’t notice it, even though I am half Jewish. Polish people seem to be very friendly. But going to a country is supporting that country and contributing to it. Suddenly the concept of being 100 % responsible comes very close. Is going to Poland how I wish to express myself in eternity? I don’t know. I haven’t decided yet. To be continued.

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