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The war in Syria – the beginning of the war near Armageddon?

I read an article in one of Dutch leading magazines, De Groene Amsterdammer, December 5, written by Bob de Graaf, about the war in Syria. A very interesting and disquieting article.

It describes how the war in Syria by many groups, sects and religious denominations is seen as the start of the war near Armageddon, the apocalypsian war, the final battle that will be the start of the Last Judgement and the beginning of the End Times, according to the Book of Revelations (John 16:16). This seems to be true for more and more sunnis, shiites, christians and Jews, and all kinds of terrorist and Jihad groups who participate in the war (and even for countries, like Iran, Irak, and to a certain extent, Saudia-Arabia. Also one third of the citizens of the USA think the same way!). It explains the enormous enthusiasm with which many volunteers participate in the war, and the fanaticism of the combatants. Who wants to stay aside, when you can participate in a divine cause? The establishment of a democracy is already for quite some time, not the main purpose of the rebellion anymore. the real purpose is the establishment of the divine kingdom en earth, in which prostitution, promiscuity, homosexuality, crime and a loosened public (Western) morality will be gone forever. The conquering of Jerusalem will be an intermediate goal, because Jerusalem will be the place where the Messiah will return.

Western democracies should  be worried, cautious and vigilant. The already are: the United States are withdrawing their support to the rebels, and even Russia and China now begin to diminish their direct involvement.  Other countries shouldn’t get involved in this war, because then certainly  a third world war will be the result. And what if Jerusalem will be attacked directly? I don’t know. It depends probably on which part of Jeruzalem will be conquered. If the modern Western part will be saved, I would let it go.

But all this is high politics and still a battle we can’t stop. So what then is our function in all this?

1. Pray and act for peace, wherever we can , on small and bigger scale. Let us radiate it out.

2. Let us meditate and contemplate. Let us think about the destructive effect of ideology and dogma (be it a religious or the dogmatic belief in free market – the effect is always violence and devastation). Let us become conscious of our own belief system. Let us be prepared to let go of our truths.

3. As always: let us be aware. As soon as we see our politicians make a move to more involvement in that war, let us protest.

No easy way out, I know. This is a work in progress, or at least a going concern. May peace prevail on earth.