The meaning of Good Friday

Why is Good Friday called Good Friday? After all it is the memorial day of a terrible incident: the crucifixion of Jesus. But for religious people also something very special was happening: by his self sacrifice Jesus has redeemed humankind from sin. And that one could call very good indeed (Some sources however claim that Good Friday is deducted from God’s Friday. I stick to the first meaning). Unfortunately this cannot be true. Look around you, and we see sin and evil everywhere.

I see Good Friday rather as a metaphor for the going hand in hand of good and evil. The evil of Good Friday is clear enough: the conviction and killing of an innocent man, whose only fault was that he stayed with his faith. The good thing was that a man kept his integrity, no matter what. Some see this as madness, but I see it as extreme courage, even considering that he found support in his faith.

Both these manifestations of human life, good and evil, can be seen in affluence today. One can see these life forms all around us, and also in ourselves. It is worthwhile to search for these forces in ourselves, because (self-)knowledge is power: the power to choose between good and evil. Good Friday (like the Thusrsday before and the Saturday after it) is a good opportunity to investigate these forces in our meditation and prayer. Listening to one of the great Passion compositions, at home, in the church or in the concert hall,  may be a great inspiration.

This whole period of the Lent in a way is a period of repentance. This is  strange, because the season is also the season of Imbolc (Candlemas): a period of growth, a period of shifting form inner contemplative focus  toward an outer focus of conscious manifestation. So this period itself is a period of opposites: contemplation and action.

Happy EasterNothing in this world can exist without its opposite. No contemplation without            action, no light without darkness and no good without evil, and the stronger the evil, the stronger the good. Therein lies our hope for this world. Life will always survive. Therein lies the message of Easter. I wish you a Happy Easter.


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